Discover family and local history


Discover family and local history seminars

A quarterly program of seminars with South Australian and interstate experts brought to you by:


Upcoming seminars
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The seminars will be part of the program of all three sponsoring partners. They will generally be:

  • held several times a year
  • held at the State Library’s Hetzel Theatre, a central location convenient for public transport access and with good parking options nearby. On occasions they may be held at another venue
  • a full day – though a two-day program may be offered occasionally

Each seminar will generally feature

  • five main presentations by at least two invited speakers, mostly South Australian, but occasionally from interstate, or even overseas
  • presentations by State Library and Genealogy SA speakers – to suit the seminar theme
  • an extended 90-minute lunch break to allow opportunity (apart from eating lunch) to:
    – do one of the two tours of the State Library family history service (each limited to 20 people maximum)
    – do a bit of research in the library
    – relax between morning and afternoon programs
  • two 20-minute Tours of the State Library family history service offered during the extended 90-minute lunch break. These will be offered at each quarterly seminar, so there will be opportunity again if you miss out the first time
  • the option to bring your own lunch or buy from the Aroma Café within the library – or go off-site to nearby cafes

The image in the web site header is from a painting (shown in full at the left)
TITLE: The Proclamation of South Australia 1836
DATE: circa 1856
ARTIST: Charles Hill (1824 – 1915)
LOCATION; Art Gallery of South Australia
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